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Our services pack the punch your business needs!

Clients own unique search result and targeted locations

Does not matter what industry you are in you pick the search result and you own it for as long as the ads are paid. 1 primary Search result that is fenced for you, plus 30 additional keywords per ad.

Clients get free video or slide shows

Videos are very powerful because they rank faster on Google and you can capture your audience in a short period of time. Slideshows are great for featuring various products or promotions. Many clients have multiple ads and mix it it with videos and slideshows. If you do not have a web commercial no problem it is included in the set up and annual membership for only $360!

We offer added Google positioning but do not touch clients websites

The way I set up and write my clients ads result in the ad getting ranked and being directed to your business. There are many ways to get to your business found and we would be considered the bridge. Our new program also offers a unique signature plugin to give your site the extra “Turbo Boost”

Here’s what Vicki can do for you with her Service Pack:

  • 1
    Research best search results & location
  • 2
    Write ad description and enter keywords
  • 3
    Logo, feature ad, free video set up
  • 4
    Optimize so clients have multiple spots on the front page of Google
  • 5
    Customer service calls
  • 6
    Free updates and changes anytime
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